Once again the simplicity should not nothing at random ... The making of our products is the object of all our attention!

We offer you two types of styling for our duvet covers.
The first one has a large opening at the bottom of the duvet cover for an easy implementation and a fluid and natural look. 
The second one has a hidden buttons closure, more classic.

Concretely, the duvet cover with a large opening is 40 centimetres longer.
For example, the real size of the duvet cover 240 x 220 cm is 240 x 260 cm.

For euro shams and pillowcases, we thought of a simple and elegant style. The flap closure and the simple flange all around sublimates the relief effects of our washed linen and cotton.

Simple and practical, fitted sheets have an integrated elastic all around, that insures a perfect preservation.

Finally, we thought of a finish of cap shaped corners for our tablecloths and napkins.