The duvet covers

Once again, simplicity has nothing to do with chance...The making of our products gets all of our attention!
For example, we offer two types of finish for our duvet covers.

The duvet cover with large opening

It offers a wide opening at the bottom of the cover for easy positioning and a smooth and natural fall. 
Concretely, the duvet cover with a wide opening at the bottom of the cover is 40 cm longer. The actual size of the 240 x 220 cm duvet cover is therefore 240 x 260 cm.

The duvet cover with buttons 

The second one offers an invisible hidden button closure. In this case, the size of the cover corresponds to the size of the duvet : 240 x 220 cm pour 240 x 220 cms.

The pillowcases 

We thought a simple and elegant confection. The wallet closure and the simple flounce enhance the relief effects of our washed linen and cotton.

The table linen

We thought a "cap" corner finish for our tablecloths and napkins.

The mattresses

The layers of cotton wool are superimposed and then sewn into each seam: they are therefore perfectly fixed.

Also, the upholstery is made with the help of an embroidery machine.

This method has been worked in order to allow easy maintenance. Indeed, the mattress washes and dries in machine.

The details 

We think small details make a big difference ;-)

Our Gabrielle Paris labels are sewn with a gold thread.
We only use invisible zippers and tone on tone for our cushions.