Just imagine a classic yet modern home, bright, colorful, and full of life; a refined, elegant interior with a French touch, inspired by families and designed specifically with their needs in mind. This is exactly what GABRIELLE PARIS has imagined for you.

Introducing our range of bed linen, table linen, cushions and throws.

GABRIELLE PARIS, it is also a team;-) Julie takes care of the artistic direction and the purchases, Justine is in charge of the brand development.
Anecdotally, Gabrielle is the founder of the brand's, Julie's, middle name. It was also her grandmother's, a "grande dame" with great tastes, impeccably brought up and meanwhile very modern, in the tunes of her time.

" Rich in this inheritance, I tried to develop a universe of my own, allying esthetics, quality and simplicity. The simplicity as the key of the elegance, to quote a more famous Gabrielle*. "

* Gabrielle is Coco Chanel's real name.