The Family is at the HEART of the brand. Our family obviously, which is our first inspiration (Gabrielle is by the way the first name of Julie’s grandmother, founder of the brand) but also contemporaries families to which we wish to propose products adapted to their desires and their evolution. Stylish products but that offering easy solution for everyday needs. Our range of home linen & accessories is designed for a home full of light and vibrant colors, timeless and contemporary ; the interior « in french style », refined and classy, inspired and created in function of family life.

The power of colors

We believe in the power of colors ! They dress up our interior with strength or softness, allow us to feel goof and are the reflect of our personalities. The colors of our color chart have been chosen carefully and thought to complete each other with harmony. The "Essential line", our permanent collection, is available in every color of this chart and offer you timeless pieces, crossed by the air of time.

through the seasons

Our patterns, issued from our "capsule" collections, are now fully part of our DNA. Each season, we want to tell you different stories, while staying in Gabrielle Paris' spirit. 

has nothing to do 
with chance

No compromise ! We only work with the most beautiful fabrics. Our manufacturing process are clear and strict. Linen and cotton fibers we choose, their weaving, their weight, combined to our particular finish technique make our products unique. 
We also bring full attention to the confection and finish of our products.   

is better

Gabrielle Paris is also a beautiful meeting! Julie takes care of the artistic direction while Justine takes care of the brand's development. We are thrilled by the same dream : always progressing, surprising you every season, and inspire wellbeing to your home.