Simplicity is no coincidence.

We take a very special care of the quality of the materials we use, of the making and the finishes of our products.

The natural linen fiber which we use, for example, is of European origin. It is selected for its properties, allying resistance, thermoregulation, anti-allergenic virtues.
Our linen sheets use a natural fiber stemming from an ecological culture (the rain is enough for it to grow :-) )
We use only long fibers. These fibers are then converted in yarn with a particular technique: the wet spinning.
So, the yarns are fine, smooth, glossy, solid and regular; they are intended for the manufacturing of high-quality fabrics.
That is why, our linen sheets do not go fluffy, do not deform and is easy to take care of.
Absorbent and hypoallergenic, the linen is an ideal material for the direct contact with the skin.
Thermoregulator, our linen sheets cross the seasons: freshness in summer, heat in winter, the ideal; -)

We also use a cotton percale to the very fine, numerous, tight and brushed yarns (200 yarns/cm, 400 TC). As a result, we use a soft, resistant and light fabric, which does not go fluffy.

Finally, dye and wash are two major stages of our manufacturing process. Our products are dyed, at first; before being washed and softened in a natural way. Every production is unique with variations of colors.

Selecting carefully cotton and linen fabrics, their weaving, their weight, combining it in this particular process of finish make our products unique. The sensation is soft and light, the slightly "crumpled up" effect is authentic and elegant.