washed linen

The natural linen fiber we use is from Europe. It is chosen for its properties; resistance, thermoregulation, and hypoallergenic property. We only use long fibers. These fibers are then transformed into threads with a particular technique: wet spinning. With this technique, the threads are thin, smooth, shiny, strong and regular; they are destined to the making of high-quality products. This is why our linen doesn’t pill, doesn’t deform and is easy to maintain.

 Absorbent and hypoallergenic, linen is a great fabric for direct contact with skin. Thermoregulator, our linen sheets are crossing the seasons. Freshness in summer, warmth in winter, ideal fabric ;-)

 The dying and washing are two essential steps of our making process. Our linen products are, first of all dyed, before being washed and smoothed with natural process. The fibers are dyed in a pigmentary manner. Our colors are resistant to the washing and to the light. Every production is unique with color variations.

 The linen fabrics, their weight (170gr/m2), combined to a particular finish process make our products unique. The feeling is soft and light, the aspect, lightly “crinkled” is authentic and elegant.

washed cotton

The cotton percale we use has a contexture of 200 thread/cm : the threads are very thin, numerous, tight and combed. As a result, the fabric is soft, resistant, light, and it doesn’t pill.

Our washed cotton is washed and softened by following the same process as the one used for our linen. Its incomparable soft touch and "peach skin" effect becomes enveloping.

The caring 

To make them easier to fold and package, our items have been lightly ironed. Once in use, they will regain their natural shape quickly.

For the rest, you'll find some caring advice right below...

Wash your linen at 40°C, taking care to separate colors to keep them bright.

Use a dryer for even softer results.

Take the washing out when it is still damp and shake well to smooth creases. We also recommend no ironing or only light ironing in order to maintain their slightly crinkled appearance.

When there is a stain (wine, curry...), no panic ! You just have to put a little bit of stain remover and to wash your linen quickly.