our brand

Gabrielle is the founder of the brand's, Julie's, middle name. It was also her grandmother's, a "grande dame" with great tastes, impeccably brought up and meanwhile very modern, in the tunes of her time.
"Rich in this inheritance, I tried to develop a universe of my own, allying esthetics, quality and simplicity. The simplicity as the key of the elegance, to quote a more famous Gabrielle*."
* Gabrielle is Coco Chanel's real name.

Our collections

To create the collection of table & bed linen, cushions and plaids that GABRIELLE PARIS is offering today, I've drawn from all what inspires me.
The animation of family moments and the serenity of a house that falls asleep at night.



All our collections are imagined and designed in our studio, in France. Manufacture is the object of all our attentions, so that GABRIELLE can be for you a synonym for pleasure and quality.
We choose, for each model, the most beautiful fabric and the best technique. Then, we search for the best skills and the best adapted manufacturing units. A big part of our collections are produced in India, inspiring and colorful land, known for its incomparable textile know-how.



Simplicity is no coincidence.
We take a very special care of the quality of the materials we use, of the making and the finishes of our products.The natural linen fiber which we use, for example, is of European origin. It is selected for its properties, allying resistance, thermoregulation, anti-allergenic virtues.