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We are committed to providing you with durable and timeless products that accompany you throughout the seasons and that are made with respect for the environment and people. We are convinced that we can always do better, that there is always a way to improve, the path is still long but we are committed to becoming an increasingly eco-responsible brand.

Our planet

Far from «fast fashion», we are committed to offering you DURABLE & TIMELESS PRODUCTS that accompany you throughout the seasons. To do this, we only use high-quality fibers. For example, our linen sheets are woven from long fibers. As a result, our linen is not stuffed, does not deform over time and is easily maintained. All parts are also carefully checked before being shipped.

We favour RESPONSIBLE MATERIAL: 95% of our collections are made from natural materials & 80% from linen which is a material with a low ecological footprint.

All our PACKAGING & ATTENTIONS ARE ECO-RESPONSIBLE. Our cardoard boxes are recyclable (stamped RESY). The pretty cards that accompany your order have been printed with mineral ink on recycled paper.

We give a second life to our FABRIC FALLS by making the pouches of our bed & table linen.

We control our CARBON FOOTPRINT by focusing on maritime transport. 

Your skin 

We have the will to offer you the BEST : «beautiful» but also easy to live products, durable & respectful of our planet and your skin.

Our products are « AZO FREE », that is to say free of dyes of class AZO recognized harmful to the skin and the environment. The dyes we use are free of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals. The environmental risks in the country of production are thus limited and the wearing of products on the skin is safe for health.


To make our linen and cotton fabrics soft and supple, we use   an enzymatic washing. This washing is ECOLOGICAL due to the natural origin of the enzymes, which biodegrades. However, it is more powerful and therefore consumes much less water than other laundry products.

Also, after dyeing, our workshops treat wastewater so that it can be reused or released into the wild.


All our collections are imagined and designed in our offices in France. We then look for the best skills and the most suitable manufacturing units. A large part of our collections is produced in India, COLORFULL AND INSPIRING LAND, known for its incomparable textile know-how.

We only work with partners that we know and TRUST. These partners are chosen for their INTRANSIGEANCE ON QUALITY & RESPECT FOR THE WORKING CONDITIONS of their teams.

SMETA offers sound ethical audits; it helps us to inform ourselves and strengthens our choices. This audit program addresses the following themes: environmental management, health and safety of staff, labour regulation in the country concerned, and integrity in business practice.