I'm often asked this question.. Who is Gabrielle ?! 

Gabrielle is one of my first names, and above all it's my grandmother's name. I've always loved her sophisticated style, her confidence in great taste, her attachment in a certain "savoir-vivre", whilst saying very modern and living with her time.

Bulding on this heritage, I have sought to develop a world of my own, combining aesthetics, quality and simplicity. Simplicity as the key to elegance, to quote another, more famous Gabrielle.

So in September 2016, I created Gabrielle with the idea in mind of becoming a leading player in the decoration market. There's still a long way to go, but I'm proud of how far we've come !




Gabrielle is the story of a House.

Inspired by the family, imagined for them.

A home full of life, bright and colourful, timeless and in tune with the times. Pratical products, designed for families' fast-paced daily lives, and crafted from the finest materials.

A place to embrace everyday life, to enjoy qualitytime with your loved ones and spend relaxing time.


- A decorating brand with a unique, distinctive and recognisable style.

- Timeless, sustainable quality products.


- A big family, ethical and sustainable partnerships, a passionate and committed team, caring customers.

- A community of 90 000 people on Instagram.


Our collections reflect our commitment to combining aesthetics and functionality, so that every interior is unique and inspiring..

Always listening to your needs, we offer you new stories every season, in a family spirit that respects the environment.


is the maximum time we take

to respond to your requests

Our commitments

Offering high-quality, easy-to-live decoration products to answer today and tomorrow families

needs who more than ever want to live in effortless and beautiful interiors.

Half measure, responsible production

Timeless & sustainable products

combining functionality and aesthetics


of our packaging is



of our collections

are made from

natural materials


of our products

are made from linen


In our production process, we want to ensure that the workshops we work with work ethically, share our values and our love of a job well done. Whether it's for our range of textiles or furniture, we are committed to respecting the quality standards of the market.

Certifications help to inform us and guide us in our choice of partners.


of our linen products are european flax certifies

presence of organic fibers certified



of our products are certified oeko-tex standard 100

SMETA certification for our

workshops in india

FSC & CARB 2 certifications

for our furniture


We all have a role to play. Every gesture counts and we are aware that everyone has a duty to contribute to the preservation of our planet. And since there can be no love without proof of love, here are a few of them :

No overstock

We are committed to reasoned production and to limit overproduction, even if it means taking the risk of being out of stock.

The goal is to produce what will actually be used. We give a second lige to our fabric scraps by making pouches for our bed linen and table linen.

All our packaging is eco-responsive

Our cardboard boxes are recyclable (RESY stamped). The pretty cards that accompany your order have been printed with mineral ink on recycled paper. We keep our carbon footprint under control by giving priority to maritime transport.

We give priority to responsible materials

95% of our collections are made from naturral materials & 80% from linen, a material with a low ecological footprint.

Our products are "azo free"

That is to say, free from AZO class dyes that are known to be harmful to the skin and the environment. The dyes we use are free oh heavy metals and dangerous chemicals. The environmental risks in the country of production are therefore limited, and wearing the items on your skin is without danger to health.

enzymatic washing : an ecological wash

This wash is eco-friendly due to the naturel origins of the enzymes that biodegrade. However, is it more powerful and uses much less water than other washing products. Also, after dyeing, our workshops treat the waste water so that it can be reused or discharged into nature.

historical partners

Partners chosen for their uncompromising commitment to quality and respect for working conditions.

All our collections are conceived and designed in our offices in France. We then look for the best skills and the most suitable manufacturing units. 

A large part of our collections are produced in India, a colouful and inspiring country known for ots incomparable textile expertise.

We also work with partners in Portugal, Belgium and Italy.